All students should arrive promptly for class. Tardiness results in disrupting the class and the student will not be properly warmed up for class.







Ballet Students: Leotard, pink or tan tights and pink ballet shoes without laces.


Male Ballet/Tap/Jazz Dancers: White shirt with basketball shorts and black ballet, jazz, and/or tap shoes.


Tap Students: Leotard, tan tights, black tap shoes.


Jazz/Musical Theater Students: Leotard, tan tights, spandex shorts or jazz pants, tan jazz shoe


Hip Hop Students: T-shirt, moveable bottoms (basketball shorts, sweatpants, leggings) and all black sneakers


Contemporary Students: Leotard, tan tights, spandex shorts or jazz pants, tan contemporary shoe


Competition Team Students: Black leotard, tan tights, spandex shorts or jazz pants, tan jazz shoes


Creative Movement Students: Leotard, tights, or movable clothing. Ballet shoes or socks with grips


Tuition Payments


There is a one-time nonrefundable $25 registration fee for the insurance of your dancer.

Registration is valid from September through August of that dance season.


Tuition payments are based on a yearly fee. You can either:

  • pay in full for the dance year

  • pay for half the year at a time

  • pay monthly throughout the 10-month dance season


The tuition rate is based on the amount of time that a student is dancing per week, not the number of classes they are attending.


All studio accounts must be paid in full before any family members can purchase tickets to our end of the year recital.


September - 3 weeks - (No closings this month)


October - 5 weeks - Closed 10/18, 10/19, 10/21, 10/31


November - 4 weeks - Closed 11/28-11/30


December - 3 weeks - Closed 12/23-12/28


January - 4 weeks - Closed 1/1


February - 3 weeks - Closed 2/17-2/22


March - 4.5 weeks - (No closings this month)


April - 3.5 weeks - Closed 4/13-4/18


May - 4 weeks - Closed 5/25


June - 2 weeks - (No closings this month)


2019-2020 Calendar


Inspire Dance Centre follows the Southold School District yearly calendar for vacations, some holidays, and some cancellations due to bad weather. Please check our Facebook page, the studio answering machine, or your email for class cancellations. Make up classes are to be made during a different scheduled class other than the one your child is registered for. 


Inspire begins its classes in September and are based on a 34-week year. 36- weeks are scheduled, which allows 2 extra weeks of classes. These extra classes are scheduled in case of any studio cancelations due to bad weather or other emergencies.


If you decided to pay monthly, I will be sending out reminder emails to parents and/or guardians before the next tuition payment is due. Monthly class tuition is to be paid on the dancers last class of the current month for the upcoming month. There will be a $10.00 late fee for all payments made after the 15th of the month. Cash or check payments are accepted. All checks should be made out to INSPIRE DANCE CENTRE. We do not accept credit cards at Inspire Dance Centre.


There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes.  



Winter Showcase


Inspire puts on a charity showcase every winter in the month of December. 75% of this event's proceeds will go to benefit a charity of my choice. There will be no additional costume fee for this show, however, every student will need an all-black leotard, a clean pair of tan tights, and proper shows for their dances. Additional accessories may be required upon the teachers request. There will be no picture day or dress rehearsal for this showcase. All students wanting to participate in this showcase must be registered with Inspire by October 11th.


Spring Recital


The dance year concludes with a dance recital either in the month of May or June. There will be a scheduled picture day and dress rehearsal before our dance recital. All students participating in the yearly recital must attend the picture day even if you are not planning on purchasing the photos.


If you are unsure of your child participating in the annual recital you do not have to pay the annual recital fee of $55. You also do not need to pay the costume deposit. A decision must be made by December 1st and the full costume fee will be due at that time. Costumes will not be handed out unless they have been paid in full. 


Final Statement


The Inspire Dance Centre instructors will not be held responsible in any way for personal injury to students or persons accompanying students to, from or during classes. Inspire Dance Centre is also not responsible for any lost articles such as personal items, dance shoes or handed out recital costumes. All articles should have your child's name in them. 


Inspire Dance Centre is a positive and safe environment. If at any time I feel someone is disrupting the studios wellbeing, I will ask them to leave without a refund. As owner, it is my job to maintain the harmony of my studio.

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